WebEx MeetMeNow

WebEx MeetMeNow


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  • free community support and forums available
  • no software to download or install
  • subscription based service (pay only for what you use)
  • world-wide cloud network (reliability, no downtime)
  • platform independent (works in any web browser)


  • additional hardware is required to record audio
  • a computer microphone is required for Internet phone conferences
  • a computer microphone is required to record audio in a standalone recording session


WebEx has been working hard to energize web communications and bring true collaboration to webinars and web conferencing. With tailored solutions, WebEx can provide the ability to have general meetings, offer webinars, conduct online training, make online presentations or do remote support. The true advantage of WebEx is that it works across any platform via your web browser. You don't need to worry about what software your meeting participants are using, as long as they have a web browser you can communicate with them.

WebEx has now opened up its APIs so that third-party software vendors can develop applications, as part of the company's WebEx Connect Developer Network. This gvies WebEx the power to plug into the needs of individual corporate clients by working together to develop solutions.

WebEx also offers an online community forum where other WebEx users can share experiences and offer solutions and ideas with other WebEx users. Community support is a powerful attraction of WebEx, something that other companies are not offering.

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